The Lepak Game

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The Lepak Game
The Lepak Game
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The Lepak Game Cards

The Lepak Game contains very Malaysian content (and inside jokes) made to spark playful but meaningful conversations. It includes:

  • Instruction sheet
  • Blue Cards
  • Yellow Cards
  • Power Cards
  • Best played with a group of fun-loving, multi-ethnic Malaysians
  • For ages 15 years & up
  • 4 – 8 players
  • Not for the judgmental or easily offended.

What Our Lepakers Say

Everything changed when we got The Lepak Game. It's cheesy to say a game changed our lives, but this game is truly different.

Ashley Ooi

For the first time we lepak for so long without anyone touching their phones.

Muhammad Syafiq

I really like how this game is capable of bringing people together to talk about the Malaysian culture and what’s happening around the country, which in turn create a much bigger discussion.

Druvinkaa Karunadasa

Absolutely loved playing this game! One of my favourite card is the Kangkung one (that brought a lot of laughter)! What's yours?

Nicole Yong

Despite being pretty westernised, this game made us realize just how Malaysian we still are! The yellow cards served as great prompts for reflections and we enjoyed pitting against each other. In the end we didn't want to stop (but had to) so we put post it notes to indicate our cards for continuation the next day!


I really enjoyed this game. Fun to play with friends and argue. Will definitely recommend this game to everyone!

Ken Lim

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4 reviews for The Lepak Game

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cheah (verified owner)

    My friends and I tried out the game at All Aboard Community Centre a day before it was launched and found ourselves more often than not laughing till our toes tickled…

    As a party game, Malaysian no less (Malaysia Boleh!), two criteria I look for is whether the game is engaging/interactive and does it have a lot of fun and giggles. This game has both in spades and its not just giggles but full blown out laughter.

    I was a bit skeptical initially as I expected a Cards Against Humanity with its crude humor but this game is very much family friendly unless you have a twisted Malaysian mind which is able to distort the cards and make it crude unintentionally. The twist that this has over Cards Against Humanity is the Malaysian-ness that ties the whole theme together.

    You can consider using this as an ice-breaker in a multi-racial setting or simply to bring back some nostalgia on long forgotten slangs/lingos. There is almost something for every Malaysian out there whether its politics, trends, fashion and whatnot. There are some controversial drop dead funny combos you can whip out when the stars aligned so pray you get the right hand else there are some power cards to force the stars in your favor if you have a witty mind.

    These range from the tame to the somewhat controversial. I will give you an example of this… The round would start and my friend being the boss for the round drew the word “Comforting” from the deck. We started to throw in our cards one by one, and then the last guy threw in the card “Bantal Busuk”! Hahaha! We were all almost rolling on the floor simultanously! That said, there wasn’t any need to bodek the boss, the guy got the win unanimously! Another good one was, “Pride of Malaysia” and the winner to that was sadly but ironically, “Corruption”. These is just one of the many hilarious moments you can get when everybody is of the same mind.

    Conclusion, give the game a go if you even consider yourself remotely Malaysian, I am sure there is connection in that box of 600 cards that will bring a smile to your lips. And even if you are not, get a group of Malaysian friends to play with you and learn more about our very varied and interesting melting pot of culture… If you are in doubt what the word on the card is, just throw it in, you never know what response you are going to get! Game on Malaysia!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ken (verified owner)

    A great game that helps to foster relationships between friends, even strangers. Easy to understand, simple to play, and just hilarious to even watch people bodek-ing 8D

    Also, a great outlet to bring people together and break down barriers – nobody will be awkward and shy anymore because literally, all the cards are on the table. 10/10 would recommend to everybody I know.

    The Lepak Game is a great gift to give someone and is also a really good learning tool – especially to get youngsters/anybody actually to talk about current affairs in Malaysia.

    Good job, Rojak Culture! Keep the fun alive! 🙂

    P/S: WE FOUND THE TRUMP CARD! (the card that wins for every situation. Beyond hilarious, almost choked on laughter, lots of cheek-aches and squinty eyes that night)

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Darren (verified owner)

    Love it as it makes everyone put down their phones and focus on playing the game and not forgetting, it makes just about everyone laugh!
    The game keeps you occupied (suddenly 2 hours fly by like 2 minutes) & the best part of the game is being the Boss! Muahaha!! *Evil haugh

    In short, the game is fun, interesting, unique & LOL (Loads of laughter).

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Druvinka (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed playing this game with all my friends, to the extent that we ended up being extremely noisy, screaming at each other in a random cafe. I really like how this game is capable of bringing people together to talk about the Malaysian culture and what’s happening around the country, which in turn create a much bigger discussion. To see that even non-Malaysians like myself and a couple of my friends could take part in it all the while being able to learn more about the culutre is my favorite part about the game.

    Highly recommend to anyone who’s contemplating whether or not to buy it, because your friendly get-togethers are about to get way more fun and way more noisier.

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