Lepak Game + Expansion Pack

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The Lepak Game
The Lepak Game
The Lepak Game Logo
The Lepak Game Cards

The Lepak Game
The Lepak Game contains very Malaysian content (and inside jokes) made to spark playful but meaningful conversations. It includes:

  • Instruction sheet
  • Blue Cards
  • Yellow Cards
  • Power Cards

Expansion Pack
Expansion 1.0 contains 100 fresh new cards. It includes:

  • Instruction sheet
  • New Blue Cards
  • New Fill-in-the-blank Yellow Cards
  • New Power Cards
  • A few completely blank cards for you to create your own content
  • Best played with a group of fun-loving, multi-ethnic Malaysians
  • For ages 15 years & up
  • 4 – 8 players
  • Not for the judgmental or easily offended.

What Our Lepakers Say

Everything changed when we got The Lepak Game. It's cheesy to say a game changed our lives, but this game is truly different.

Ashley Ooi

For the first time we lepak for so long without anyone touching their phones.

Muhammad Syafiq

I really like how this game is capable of bringing people together to talk about the Malaysian culture and what’s happening around the country, which in turn create a much bigger discussion.

Druvinkaa Karunadasa

Absolutely loved playing this game! One of my favourite card is the Kangkung one (that brought a lot of laughter)! What's yours?

Nicole Yong

Despite being pretty westernised, this game made us realize just how Malaysian we still are! The yellow cards served as great prompts for reflections and we enjoyed pitting against each other. In the end we didn't want to stop (but had to) so we put post it notes to indicate our cards for continuation the next day!


I really enjoyed this game. Fun to play with friends and argue. Will definitely recommend this game to everyone!

Ken Lim

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