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Let’s Celebrate Our Malaysian-ness

If you are looking to have a blast with friends at your next lepak or yum cha session, we’ve got just the thing for you. Rojak Culture is proud to bring you The Lepak Game, Malaysia’s first party game.

The Lepak Game contains the essence of Malaysia in a deck of cards, guaranteed to spark some serious Malaysian-style fun! It’s a simple word-matching game that is easy to play with no right or wrong answer. All you have to do is match and pick the most Malaysian response. You’ll find yourself laughing at inside jokes or reminiscing a truly Malaysian experience with other players.

Warning: This game may cause excessive laughter, bodeking and some screaming. Best administered with lots of caffeine.

The Lepak Game Box

Get Your Game On

Why You Don’t Want To Miss Out On The Lepak Game
Fun And Laughter Guaranteed
Fun & Laughter Guaranteed
Trigger Interesting Conversations
Trigger Interesting Conversations
Enhance Your Malaysian Vocabulary
Improve Your Bodeking / Persuasion Skills
Improve Your Bodeking / Persuasion Skills
Build Friendships & Connections, Even With Different Races
Great Ice-Breaker & Team Building Tool
Remind You Why You Love Being Malaysian
Remind You Why You Love Being Malaysian

How To Play

  1. Choose a ‘Boss’ (the judge)
  2. Boss deals all players 8 cards
  1. Boss displays and reads aloud a Yellow card
  2. All players (except the Boss) match a Blue card within their hand to the Yellow card
  1. Players bodek (persuade) the Boss to choose their card
  2. Boss picks a winner

Suggest a word/phrase

We had so much fun creating The Lepak Game that we couldn’t stop, We’re excited to bring you more laughter and fun so expansion packs are currently in the works. We welcome your suggestions of word or phrase that you would like to see in the coming expansions.

The contents of The Lepak Game are merely words significant in some form to Malaysians. Rojak Culture does not include or endorse any opinion or statement in regard to any of the words or combinations of words included in relation to playing the game. All card combinations and their interpretations are entirely subjective according to the player(s) who made them.