Where else can I buy The Lepak Game other than through the website?

You can walk-in and purchase the game at the following stores, however please call to ensure availability before you head on over!

  1. Kinokuniya, KLCC. Call: 03-2164 8133
  2. Ilham Gallery Gift Shop, KL.
  3. APOM Pop Up Store at LG Floor, Publika (Near BIG)
  4. Naiise Malaysia, Zhong Shan Building Jalan Attap, KL
  5. Silverfish Books, Bangsar Call: 03- 228 448 37
  6. Gerakbudaya, PJ. Call 0 3-7957 8342
  7. All Aboard Community Gaming Centre, Damansara Jaya. Call: 03-7726 0981
  8. RNG Games, Penang. A-2-8, Vantage, Jalan Desiran Tanjung, Tanjung Tokong, Penang. Call: 012-430 7207
  9. Tabletop Boardgame Cafe, KL 10-2, Jalan Radin Bagus 7 , Bandar Baru Seri Petaling. Call: 017-361 4679
  10. Takaro Boardgame Cafe, Kajang Call: 016-383 8517
  11. Gen Board Boardgames Cafe, Johor 22-01, Jln Austin Height 8/2, Johor Bahru. Call: 016-759 2620
  12. MOE House, Kinabalu, Sabah. Tel: 012-868 1280

How can I help spark a movement of friendship and stand a chance to win The Lepak Game?

Boast, highlight, or make fun of your multi-racial friendships by sharing pictures on FB or Instagram and tag us @rojakculture with #lepakgame and #playforunity. If you set your profile to public, we can see it and we’ll select the best post each month to give away a free game!

I just bought The Lepak Game from your website, how long will it take for me to get my product? 

Due to your awesome response, we are doing our best to process your orders and we hope you will bear with us. It will generally take about 2  to 5 working days to get your product.

How do I play The Lepak Game?

See instruction sheet here. Or email us at jomlepak@rojakculture.com for other variant house rules suggestion to change it up a little!

Will there be a mobile app for The Lepak Game?

We don’t plan on making an app because we’re old school, we love the smell of paper, coffee, and varnished cards. Bye-bye phones.

There are some cards with words that I don’t understand. Can you provide a glossary of words and their meanings?

Ask your friends lah… The Lepak Game contains “Malaysian words” which includes popular Malay, Chinese and Tamil terms/slangs. We intentionally made it this way to encourage Malaysians from different races to play together and learn from one another. We wont be providing a glossary for now to encourage players to ask one another in person. So don’t shy-shy!

Are you planning on expansions? When will it be released?

We’ve released our first expansion 1.0 in December 2017! And we’re working on our Sabah and Sarawak Expansion packs as well. Meanwhile, we welcome any suggestions of word/phrase that you have!


Cafe / Retail Outlets

I manage a cafe / retail outlet and am interested host a Jom Lepak session on a weekend.   

Email us at jomlepak@rojakculture.com and we will get back to you soon.

I manage a local retail store and am interested to retail your game. What are your terms?   

Email us at jomlepak@rojakculture.com and we will get back to you soon.