About Us

Rojak Culture is a social enterprise aimed at uniting Malaysians. We believe in seeing ourselves as Malaysian first but we also recognise that our collective identity is from a unique blend of cultures. We owe our vibrant Malaysian identity to one another.


Participating in dialogues for unity may be too intimidating for most Malaysians. We want to keep it simple and light-hearted. We invite the different races to sit and play together.


We believe playing together is a great way to emphasise connections that would only be possible among Malaysians. We desire to strengthen friendship among the races by encouraging fun yet meaningful conversations through play. Through play we are also reminded of our shared experience, language and humour which creates for us a sense of togetherness.

Join us in uniting Malaysians through play. A nation that plays together stays together.


Our Vision

The Lepak Game Cards

Help Spark A Movement of Friendship

We believe the best way to dismantle walls of suspicion and to foster unity in diversity is by building friendships among multi-ethnic Malaysians. That is why our vision is to spark a movement of friendship through play. Everyone has a role to play in making this vision come true, and here’s how you can do your part.

Spread the Fun & Highlight Your Friendships on Social Media

  • Share the ‘play for unity’ vision with your friends.
  • Play The Lepak Game with your multi-ethnic friends, have meaningful conversations and celebrate our Malaysian-ness.
  • Celebrate your multi-racial friendships by sharing pictures on social media and tag us @rojakculture and hashtag #playforunity #lepakgame

Be a Host

  • Calling all cafes, F&B outlets – be a host of one of our monthly Jom Lepak sessions to foster friendships.
  • Offer discounts to the Jom Lepak customers to help extend the vision.

Institutions & Businesses 

  • Partner or collaborate with us to spread the vision.
  • Use The Lepak Game as an ice-breaker, team building tool, or conversation starter to strengthen bonds amongst your staff or team, especially multi-ethnic teams.
  • Sponsor merchandise to incentivise Malaysians to highlight their multi-ethnice friendships

Media & Influencers

  • Share the ‘play for unity’ vision and encourage all to celebrate our Malaysian-ness.