All Hands on Deck

We promote seeing ourselves as Malaysians to foster greater unity. Our Malaysianness is a beautiful tapestry formed by numerous distinct cultures. We believe our collective Malaysian identity should be celebrated.

We recognise that growth pains are inevitable for any country on the road to becoming a developed nation. For some, the current events in Malaysia constitute a perfect storm. In uncertain times like this it is natural to seek safety and withdraw to what is familiar. However, fear and avoidance are not the way forward.

Rojak Culture chooses to intentionally emphasise our shared experiences, language and humour, recognising that the different races make significant contributions to the whole. The way forward is more fun than you might think!

The Lepak Game Box
The Lepak Game Logo
Play. Bodek. Connect.

We are proud to bring you Malaysia’s first party game that’s guaranteed to spark tremendous fun. It’s a simple word-matching game with no right or wrong answer. The Lepak Game contains the essence of Malaysia in a box, made as a celebration of Malaysian-ness. It is a conversation trigger that will get players rolling in heaps of laughter. Jom lepak!

The Lepak Game Box

How To Play

  1. Choose a ‘Boss’ (the judge).
  2. Boss deals all players 8 cards.
  1. Boss displays and reads aloud a Yellow (prompt) card.
  2. All players except the Boss match a Blue (respond) card within their hand to the Yellow card. Put the Blue card face down on the table.
  1. Players bodek (persuade) the Boss to choose their card. Just sembang, talk kok, or tembak, without necessarily revealing which card you put down. The idea is just to have fun and hopefully some meaningful conversations too.
  2. Boss picks a winner & he becomes the next Boss.

*These rules are merely suggestions, feel free to change it up Malaysian-style!

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Win a Free Game!

We are giving a way one free game each month in 2017! Here’s how you can win yourself a free Lepak Game:

Boast of your multi-racial friendships by posting a picture on Facebook or Instagram with a fun or meaningful caption. Set your profile to public and tag us @rojakculture and hashtag #playforunity #lepakgame. We will announce the winner and notify you within a month if you win!

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Drop us your email if you would like to hear more on how to win a game from us!

About Us

Rojak Culture is a social enterprise aimed at uniting Malaysians through play. We seek to spark a movement of friendship by bringing the races together to celebrate Malaysian-ness through The Lepak Game.

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